American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews 2022

The process of searching for a suitable central air conditioning system for your home can be tedious. A myriad of brands offer a lineup of air conditioning systems, each with a different range in efficiency, durability, longevity, and the like.

While the search can be tricky, selecting the ideal match can be even more complicated. American Standard is one of the industry’s leading brands that markets a comprehensive lineup to the public.

This detailed guide reviews American Standard’s air conditioning systems to help you determine if these units are the ideal choice for your home, so continue reading to learn more!

Who Makes American Standard Air Conditioners

Ingersoll Rand is the parent company of American Standard. Trane, also a subsidiary of the massive conglomerate, is American Standard’s sister company.

As such, American Standard HVAC holds a reputation as a premium brand in the HVAC industry.

Ingersoll Rand also has ties in the plumbing industry, manufacturing countless household products, such as faucets and other kitchen/bathroom fixtures.

Is American Standard A Good Brand?

Both homeowners and HVAC contractors consistently recognize American Standard air conditioning units as one of the top five HVAC brands, noting their durability and quality.

Since American Standard is considered a premium brand, it’s no surprise that its pricing is above average.

While the cost is somewhat elevated compared to other top brands, you get what you pay for– a unit that should run longer than others without mechanical hiccups and an above-average lifespan.

American Standard AC Warranty

American Standard provides 10-year or 12-year limited warranties on its air conditioning units. This warranty protects against material and workmanship defects under everyday residential use. For the warranty to be active, American Standard warranty registration is necessary.

If you need information on your American Standard AC unit’s warranty, use the company’s online system or call their Warranty Registration Center.

American Standard vs. Other Brands: What Is The Difference?

While American Standard is a well-known HVAC brand, they are not the only option for residential air conditioners. Here is how American Standard AC units compare to the top 3 air conditioner brands– Trane, Carrier, and Lennox.

Factors  American Standard ACTrane ACCarrier ACLennox AC
Product Numbers79169
Lowest SEER14.514.51413
Most SEER17 and 1817 and 181717
Highest SEER22212628
Parts Limited Warranty10-year, 12-year10-year, 12-year10-year5-year,10-year

American Standard vs. Trane AC

American Standard and Trane are sister companies, so their units share many similarities.

A few differences mark each lineup, such as the pricing, where American Standard sits slightly lower than Trane (by about 8-12%). While American Standard uses tiers to separate its product lines, Trane uses model numbers.

Additionally, Trane units receive a 5-year limited warranty regardless of registration status, while American Standard units require warranty registration within 60 days of purchase. If you do register your Trane product, their limited warranty extends to 10 years.

American Standard vs. Carrier AC

American Standard and Carrier are leading brands in the HVAC industry. Head to head, they both square up reasonably equal.

Carrier surges ahead in terms of ratings, with its top models receiving ratings up to 26 SEER, while American Standard’s leading model tops out at 22 SEER.

Both brands offer exceptionally quiet units, with operating sounds as low as 50 to 60 decibels. Their warranties are comparable: American Standard offers ten or 12-year limited warranties, while Carrier units come with a limited warranty extending 10 years.

American Standard vs. Lennox AC

Like Carrier, Lennox is yet another leading brand in the HVAC industry. Lennox offers the most energy-efficient units in the industry, with its top model boasting SEER ratings up to 28.

Additionally, Lennox offers solar panels with specific units, further cutting back on energy usage.

On the other hand, American Standard’s units at 54 dB are slightly quieter than Lennox’s 59 dB operating noise. American Standard compressors have more speed options as well, and both brands offer comparable warranties of 10 years.

American Standard Air Conditioner Models

Many leading HVAC brands separate their air conditioner lineup into different tiers representing good, better, and best. American Standard exercises this practice and divides its lineup into Silver, Gold, and Platinum series.

  • The Silver series consists of its least efficient, most affordable models.
  • The Gold series is the next level up, including the mid-range models.
  • The Platinum models are their most efficient, most costly models.

The sheet below outlines the American Standard AC lineup.

American Standard AC Model NumbersSEERSize CompressorSound Level (dBA)
Platinum 20222-5 -tonVariable-speed57-75
Platinum 18182-5 -tonVariable-speed57-75
Gold 17181.5-5 -tonTwo-stage72-74
Silver 16171.5-5 -tonSingle-stage71-74
Silver 16 Low Profile171.5-5 -tonSingle-stageNA
Silver 14161.5-5 -tonSingle-stage72-73
Silver 1314.51.5-5 -tonSingle-stage71-75

American Standard AC units are among the quietest in the industry, with noise levels as low as 54 decibels, softer than a normal conversation.

American Standard AC lineup, like that of many other top brands, includes single-stage, two-stage, and variable capacity compressors. It uses its own compressor, called Duration (or Climatuff for the Trane brand), in its air conditioning systems. The compressor is well-regarded as very reliable and efficient.

The brand also offers AccuLink thermostats for each tier of its lineup. These thermostats are touchscreen, have WiFi capabilities, and smart home automation with a built-in Nexia Bridge.

Communicating technology is available through AccuLink, but some types of communication technology cause hiccups in operation. While some homeowners love the option, others detest it, so ensure you ask the potential installer a large number of questions before you make your choice.

American Standard top models in the Platinum and Gold lineups use all-aluminum spine fin coils, which help efficiently disperse unwanted heat from your home.

American Standard Air Conditioner Prices

American Standard air conditioner pricing is dependent on several factors, including sizing, model, your location, and more.

American Standard Air Conditioner Prices by Models

The more efficient Platinum models tend to be the most expensive, while Gold models are middle-of-the-road cost-wise, and Silver models are the most inexpensive.

The list below displays pricing for American Standard’s air conditioner systems based on a 3-ton model.

American Standard Air Conditioner Model NumbersSEERProduct OnlyInstalled Price
Platinum 2022$7,820$10,620
Platinum 1818$6,160$8,420
Gold 1718$5,250$6,990
Silver 16, Silver 16 Low Profile17$5,130$6,990
Silver 1416$4,760$6,510
Silver 1314.5$4,395$6,035

While the chart isn’t all-inclusive in terms of sizing, it’s an excellent reference tool. Considering that pricing tends to rise in tandem with sizing and efficiency, it’s usually safe to say that larger models (in tons) are more expensive, while smaller models are less expensive.

American Standard Air Conditioner Prices by size

American Standard offers its air conditioning models in several sizes, ranging from 1.5 tons to 5 tons. The list below outlines the cost of a 17 SEER single-stage American Standard air conditioning unit.

American Standard  AC Unit SizeProduct OnlyInstalled Price
1.5 ton$3,300$4,390
2 ton$3,870$5,200
2.5 ton$4,480$6,060
3 ton$5,130$6,990
3.5 ton$5,290$7,220
4 ton$5,410$7,390
5 ton$5,530$7,560

Again, though the chart doesn’t address each specific model, it’s suitable for reference. The more efficient the model, the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, the less efficient models are typically cheaper.

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