Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews 2021

For many homes, air conditioners make sweltering summer months bearable. With an appropriately sized ac that meets your home’s efficiency needs, your home will remain cool and comfortable throughout warm temperatures. 

There are multitude of HVAC brands that manufacture air conditioning systems, each offering various models, price points, and efficiency ratings. This article will examine Goodman air conditioners to help you determine if and which of their models are the right choice for you. 

Who Makes Goodman AC Units

Daikin Industries, Ltd. is the parent company of Goodman. The company is a worldwide leader in commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Daikin North America markets three U.S. brands: Daikin, Amana, and Goodman. 

Of these three sister brands, Daikin is the premium brand, Amana is the mid-tier brand, and Goodman is the most cost-effective brand. 

Is Goodman A Good AC Unit

Most HVAC professionals agree Goodman is a well-known brand within the industry. Although it’s not a top-tier brand, such as Trane or Lennox, it produces reliable units with high-efficiency ratings. 

All their air conditioners are a cost-effective alternative for consumers searching for a budget-friendly option. 

The warranty Goodman offers on their AC units is excellent and rare in the HVAC industry– the company provides a limited lifetime warranty on their compressors, which is above and beyond the 10 or 20-year warranty from the likes of Trane, Carrier, and others. 

Which Brand of Central Air Conditioner Is Better

Goodman air conditioning units are comparable to top brands at a much more affordable price. While Goodman’s central air conditioner lineup is limited, the few models span a wide range in energy efficiency ratings, ranging from 13 to 24.5 SEER. 

Which Is Better: Trane vs. Goodman AC

Trane is one of the HVAC industry’s leading brands, often considered one of the best air conditioner brands amongst homeowners and HVAC professionals. 

While Goodman’s units are on the lower end of the cost spectrum, Trane’s models are relatively high-end and cost more. Both brands offer comparable warranties, although Goodman’s lifetime compressor warranty on specific models far surpasses Trane’s.

Which Is Better: Daikin vs. Goodman AC

Daikin and Goodman are sister companies operating underneath Daikin Industries, Ltd company. The two brands are very similar, but Daikin units cost considerably more by about 35%.

Goodman air conditioning units are the parent company’s lower-end models. In contrast, Daikin units are the high-end models with more features, like high-end comfort controls and variable speed compressors. 

Which Is Better: Goodman vs. Ameristar vs. Day and Night AC

Ameristar produces a range of affordable and reliable air conditioning units. The company has been around for a long time and is essentially the budget version of Trane, which the same parent company owns. 

Goodman and Ameristar are very similar in terms of efficiency, reliability, and affordability. 

Day and Night is another brand offering a comprehensive lineup of air conditioning units. They provide numerous options, all of which are in the same general pricing bracket as Goodman’s limited lineup. 

Day and Night’s top model features ratings of up to 19 SEER, while Goodman’s leading model has ratings of up to 24.5 SEER.

Goodman AC Unit Reviews 

Goodman is consistently ranked well according to consumer reports. Many customers detail a pleasant experience with Goodman air conditioning units. HVAC technicians applaud the quiet operation, efficient cooling capabilities, and affordable price of Goodman units. 

With that being said, some customers mention issues with faulty parts that required replacements. However, the vast consensus is positive.

Goodman Air Conditioner Models

Most of the HVAC industry’s leading brands offer their air conditioner unit lineups in different tiers– such as good, better, and best models. However, Goodman doesn’t outline any precise levels between their minimal lineup of just six models. 

Their entry-level model, the GSX13, rates up to 13 SEER, while their newest high-end model, the GVXC20, rates up to an outstanding 24.5 SEER. 

Goodman utilizes Copeland scroll compressors in their air conditioning units, well known for their reliability. Goodman’s air conditioner replacement parts are generally easy to find at an affordable price. 

Goodman Central Air Conditioner Models Chart

Goodman AC Model NumbersSEERCompressorReplacement Limited WarrantySize Range(Tonnage)
GVXC2024.5Variable-speed10-year2-5 ton
GSXC1819Two-stage10-year2-5 ton
GSXC1616Two-stage10-year2-5 ton
GSX1616Single-stage2-year1.5-5 ton
GSX1415Single-stage2-year1.5-5 ton
GSX1314Single-stage2-year1.5-5 ton

How To Determine Tonnage of Goodman AC Unit

Goodman AC units have an informational tag on the rating plate, and it should be above the refrigerant valve on the rear side of the unit. Locate the model number, which is a 12-digit code. 

The nominal cooling capacity is located as a three-digit code in the model number, representing the unit’s capacity measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). 

Typically, the three digits will start with a zero. For example, if the number is “048,” this indicates a nominal cooling capacity of 48,000 BTUs. To convert the number to tons, divide the BTUs by 12,000, which represents the weight of a single refrigeration ton. 

Going off the earlier example: 48,000/12,000 = 4 tons. 

Generally, you need 20 BTU of cooling output per square foot of living space. Use this number to calculate the approximate size of the air conditioning unit you will need for your home. 

Use the below chart to determine the tonnage you would need for your home. 

How To Determine Tonnage of Goodman AC Unit Chart

Goodman AC Unit TonnageConvert to BTURoom Size (sq ft)Suitable Goodman Model Numbers
1.5 ton18,000 BTU900 sq ftGSX16, GSX14, GSX13
2 ton24,000 BTU1,200 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13
2.5 ton30,000 BTU1,500 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13
3 ton36,000 BTU1,800 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13
3.5 ton42,000 BTU2,100 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13
4 ton48,000 BTU2,400 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13
5 ton60,000 BTU3,000 sq ftGVXC20, GSXC18,GSXC16,GSX16, GSX14, GSX13

Goodman AC Unit Price

Most brands offer multiple tiers separating their air conditioning units, and as the efficiency rating climb and additional features are included, the price climbs. 

Goodman doesn’t provide a specific breakdown between levels, but their unit price still climbs in tandem with the efficiency rating and extra features. 

The base model GSX13 starts on the lower end price-wise, while the GVXC20 holds up the higher end of the price range. 

Use the chart below to estimate Goodman central air conditioner unit prices. 

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices by Models Sheet

The prices below are based on 3 ton products.

Goodman AC Model NumbersSEERProduct OnlyInstalled Cost
GVXC2024.5$5,125 $6,670
GSXC1819$3,450 $4,540
GSXC1616$2,840 $3,770
GSX1616$2,860 $3,810
GSX1415$2,720 $3,630
GSX1314$2,570 $3,450

The prices below are based on 16 SEER, single-stage products.

Goodman AC UnitProduct OnlyTotal cost
1.5 ton$1,840 $2,360
2 ton$2,160 $2,810
2.5 ton$2,500 $3,290
3 ton$2,860 $3,810
3.5 ton$2,960 $3,940
4 ton$3,020 $4,040
5 ton$3,090 $4,130

Goodman Problems

As with all things, your Goodman home air conditioner may encounter problems from time to time. Before you call an HVAC technician, you can check a few things on your own, which may narrow down the problem. You might even be able to fix it yourself. 

However, if you get too far out of your element, call a local HVAC contractor for help.

If you need to check the warranty terms on your unit, Goodman offers a warranty lookup page on their website, which allows you to locate the necessary information. Ensure that you complete your Goodman HVAC product registration to receive the warranty. 

Goodman Air Conditioner Not Turning On

When the air conditioner doesn’t turn on, the power source is usually an issue. Check the circuit breaker box, which should be in your home, to ensure that the circuit to the unit’s compressor hasn’t tripped off. 

Additionally, check to see if the unit blew a fuse. 

If it has blown, you may have a short circuit or electrical problem on your hands. You can easily replace a blown fuse yourself if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, it’s best to call in an HVAC professional. 

Goodman AC Unit Not Cooling

If your Goodman AC unit isn’t cooling correctly, it could result from several reasons. Common culprits of improper cooling include dirty filters, blocked return-air grilles, and low refrigerant. 

Cleaning the filter and removing blockages, such as furniture, from the return-air grilles is simple enough. 

However, if you checked both of those potential issues and neither seems to be causing the problem, the refrigerant may be the problem. Untrained individuals shouldn’t handle refrigerant issues, so it’s best to hand it off to a trained professional. 

Goodman AC Troubleshooting Guide

Unfortunately, issues will eventually happen, especially as your Goodman AC unit ages. If you have gone through troubleshooting guides and cannot locate or repair the problem, it may be time to call in a professional. 

A qualified HVAC technician has the necessary knowledge, skill, and tools to repair your unit or advise you towards the best course of action. 

Goodman AC FAQs

What size fuse would you use for a Goodman 2 ton ac?

Generally, a 2-ton central air conditioning unit can use up to 20 amps, so you can use a fuse of 20 amps or slightly smaller, but not anything smaller. 

What is the efficiency of a Goodman 24,000 BTU air conditioner?

A 24,000 BTU air conditioner is equivalent to 2 tons. The efficiency of a 2-ton Goodman air conditioner is dependent on the model. 

For example, the 2-ton GSX13 offers efficiency ratings of up to 13 SEER. Or, the 2-ton GSX16 offers ratings of up to 16 SEER. 

How to clean Goodman ac unit?

Routine cleaning is imperative for your AC unit’s lifespan. The cleaning process should involve removing dirt from the fins, straightening the fins, cleaning the surrounding area, and cleaning the evaporator coil. 

Additionally, you may need to clean the evaporator drain, as it can become plugged over time. While you’re cleaning, verify that the pad the unit sits on is level. 

What size Goodman ac units can I use on mobile homes? 

The ideal size air conditioning unit for a 14 by 70 foot mobile home is a 1.5-ton unit. This unit is large enough to cool down your mobile home quickly and keep it cool for a while. 

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