Heil Air Conditioner Review 2022

Finding the right air conditioner for your home is a tedious process. There are many brands, including Heil. However, only a few large manufacturing companies produce heating and cooling products, well over 100 brands operate beneath those few companies.

If you’re searching for the ideal air conditioning unit for your home, Heil AC units are one of the top choices available. This article examines Heil air conditioning units to help you determine which of their AC units is the right choice for your home.

Who Makes Heil AC Units

Heil HVAC is part of an HVAC family tree. International Comfort Products (ICP) owns the Heil HVAC company. ICP also owns several other HVAC brands, including ComfortMaker, Arcoaire, KeepRite, and Tempstar. As such, these are all sister brands. 

While ICP is the parent company of Heil, United Technologies is the reigns over of ICP, and in turn, each of its subsidiary companies. 

United Technologies also owns several well-known names in the HVAC industry, such as Carrier, Bryant, and Payne. These are more like “cousin” brands to Heil. 

Heil produces various heating and cooling products to meet the needs of a wide variety of households. They are a solid brand in the HVAC industry. 

Is Heil A Good AC Unit

Heil air conditioners are reliable, affordable, and durable. While these units aren’t the most efficient models available on the market, they offer reliable performance. In addition, their galvanized steel construction makes them a durable choice to meet your home’s cooling needs. 

Most of Heil’s AC models boast ENERGY STAR certification. 

Heil’s warranty, which backs each of their AC units, is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. On top of that, there is a no-hassle replacement limited warranty for additional peace of mind. 

Heil vs. Other Air Conditioner Brands

Heil is a lesser-known brand in the HVAC industry, but it offers a formidable lineup of AC units. It falls short of leading brands in terms of efficiency ratings, as its top model has an efficiency of just 19 SEER, whereas other industry-leading models top out at 28 SEER. 

Heil is an economy brand, so its units don’t come with the same bells and whistles as many of the HVAC industry’s leading brands. However, these units are appealing for many homeowners working with a limited budget while needing a reliable option. 

Unlike some industry-leading brands, Heil uses standard components in their AC units. This is great for the consumer because it makes repair costs much more affordable.

Other companies manufacture their own parts, which make repairs costly and drawn-out. This could also lead to replacement parts being in short supply. 

Heil vs. Arcoaire AC: What’s the Difference

International Comfort Products owns Heil and Arcoaire. Heil and Arcoaire’s product lineups are identical: they offer the Ion and the Performance Series. The Performance Series from each company consists of eight models, while the Ion Series consists of four models. 

The model numbers are identical between the two companies. The primary difference falls to the brand name emblazoned nameplate on the front of the unit. Otherwise, they are precisely the same.

Heil vs. Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier is a top-tier brand in the HVAC industry, offering models that boast numerous bells and whistles. The company’s top AC unit features ratings up to 26 SEER, surpassing Heil’s top model. 

However, the top model each company offers features operating sound levels as low as 56 decibels. While the quiet operation is expected from a leading brand’s unit, it’s surprising from an economy brand like Heil. 

Heil AC products aren’t nearly as well-known as Carrier products. However, Heil units offer decent SEER ratings, durability, and affordability, making them a strong choice against Carrier units, especially if you have a limited budget. 

If you’re looking for a basic, entry-level AC unit, Heil models are a top choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a well-known brand offering AC units decked out with various bells and whistles, and you have deep pockets, Carrier may be the better selection for you. 

Heil Air Conditioner Models

Like many other brands in the HVAC industry, Heil divides its AC unit lineup into several tiers. The Ion Series consists of the brand’s top four models. They come with various features to enhance comfort and control, with systems such as the Ion System Control with WiFi capability for optimal comfort control. 

The Performance Series consists of the brand’s eight value models. These units aren’t as fancy as their more expensive counterparts but can get the job done. They are economical, budget-friendly, and an excellent choice for homeowners working with a tight budget.

The below chart details the SEER rating, compressor type, sound level, and available sizes. Larger SEER ratings, like 19 SEER on model HVA9 mean the unit is more efficient and uses less energy than a less efficient unit like model N4A3 at 13 SEER.

Heil AC Model NumbersProduct LineSEERCompressorSound LevelSize Range(Tonnage)
HVA9Ion System19Variable-speed562-5
HCA7Ion System17Two-stage702-5
HSA6Ion System16Single-stage691.5-5
HSA5Ion System15Single-stage74NA
N4A7Performance Series17Two-stage712-5
N4A6Performance Series17Single-stage701.5-5
NXA6Performance Series16Single-stage761.5-5
N4A4**CPerformance Series14Single-stage711.5-5
NH4A4Performance Series14Single-stage661.5-5
N4A5Performance Series14Single-stage751.5-5
NXA4Performance Series14Single-stage751.5-5
N4A3Performance Series13Single-stage74NA

Single-stage compressors, which are standard on all but one of the Performance models, provide simple on/off control. In comparison, the two-stage compressors on models N4A7 and HCA7 have a low and high setting that offers more even cooling and better comfort.

The variable-speed compressor on model HVA9 in the Ion series provides the best comfort and least amount of hot and cold spots in the home. 

What Size Heil AC Unit Do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, you need about 20 BTU of cooling output per square foot of living space. To determine the size of the air conditioning unit you need, multiply the square footage of living space in your home by 20. 

Then, since one ton of air conditioning is equivalent to 12,000 BTU, divide your answer by 12,000. The answer you get represents the size of the air conditioning unit you need for your home in tons. 

Use the below chart to estimate the size of a Heil AC unit you would need for your home based on its square footage. 

Heil AC Unit TonnageConvert to BTUHome Size (sq ft)
1.5 ton18,000 BTU900 sq ft
2 ton24,000 BTU1,200 sq ft
2.5 ton30,000 BTU1,500 sq ft
3 ton36,000 BTU1,800 sq ft
3.5 ton42,000 BTU2,100 sq ft
4 ton48,000 BTU2,400 sq ft
5 ton60,000 BTU3,000 sq ft

How To Determine The Age Of A Heil AC Unit

To determine the age of a Heil AC unit, you simply need to examine the rating plate. For example, let’s say you have a Heil high efficiency 5000 air conditioner that was already installed when you bought the home, and you’re unsure of the age. 

The rating plate is located on the outside unit and displays the model number and serial number. 

The first four numbers of the serial number represent the age: the first two numbers indicate the year, and the third and fourth numbers indicate the week of manufacture. For example, if the serial number is L0043125456, the unit was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2000.

Heil Air Conditioner Prices

Heil central air conditioner prices vary drastically based on several factors, including sizing and model. These units tend to be more affordable than leading brands but cost more than low-range brands. 

If you choose to have a professional install the system, the cost may rise by a few thousand dollars. 

Heil AC Unit Cost by Models

The particular model you choose plays a substantial role in the cost of your Heil AC unit. The chart below expresses pricing based on a 3-ton unit, which is mid-size. 

Heil AC Model NumbersSEERCompressorProduct OnlyInstalled Cost
HCA7 / N4A717Two-stage$4,040$5,440
HSA6 / NXA616Single-stage$3,720$5,030
N4A4**C / NH4A4 / N4A5 / NXA414Single-stage$3,340$4,550

The prices are based on 3 ton products.

While the chart doesn’t examine every possible combination of size and model individually, it’s an excellent reference tool. 

Typically, larger units cost more, while smaller units are less expensive. For example, a Heil 2.5 ton AC unit would cost less than the price listed for the particular model in the chart since it’s based on a 3-ton unit. 

Heil AC Unit Cost by Sizes

The second factor that impacts the price of a Heil AC unit falls is the size. 

Heil offers its AC units in several sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons. Some models are only available in a few sizes, so check with your HVAC contractor to ensure they offer the right size in the model you are looking for. 

The chart below depicts pricing based on a 16 SEER single-stage unit, which is mid-range in the Heil product lineup. 

Heil AC UnitProduct OnlyTotal Installed Cost
1.5 ton$2,400$3,140
2 ton$2,810$3,730
2.5 ton$3,250$4,360
3 ton$3,720$5,030
3.5 ton$3,840$5,200
4 ton$3,930$5,320
5 ton$4,020$5,450

The prices are based on 16 SEER single-stage products.

Generally, more efficient models cost more than the price listed in the chart, while lesser efficient models (with lower SEER ratings) cost less.

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