Kitchen Wall Colors with Dark Cabinets

When designing a kitchen with dark cabinets, choosing the right wall color is essential to create the perfect atmosphere. Interior designers suggest pairing dark cabinets with light or muted wall colors to create balance and avoid overpowering the space.

One popular option is gray, which offers a neutral backdrop, allowing the rich tones of dark cabinets to stand out. For example, consider using a light gray like Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray (hex code #D3D3D3) or a subtle, warm gray such as Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray (hex code #797979).

Ultimately, selecting the right wall color for your kitchen with dark cabinets requires consideration of your desired aesthetic and the overall vibe you want to achieve in the space.

Kitchen Wall Colors with Dark Cabinets

Understanding Color Schemes

When choosing wall colors for a kitchen with dark cabinets, it’s essential to understand color schemes and their impact on the overall aesthetic of the space. Dark cabinets tend to have a moody and sophisticated feel, which can be complemented or contrasted by various wall color options. Some popular color schemes include:

  • Monochromatic: Sticking with shades of gray can create a cohesive and elegant look. For instance, a lighter gray like #BEB8B8 on the walls can balance the darkness of the cabinets.
  • Analogous: Choosing colors that are beside each other on the color wheel can create a harmonious and natural setting. A soft green wall color, such as #BED1C1, can bring an earthy vibe that complements dark cabinets.
  • Complementary: For a bold contrast, consider a wall color that’s opposite the color wheel from your cabinet color. A muted blue, such as #A3B3D0, can provide a stunning backdrop for dark cabinets.

Importance of Lighting

Natural light plays a significant role in highlighting the beauty of dark cabinets in a kitchen. Large windows or skylights can help cast natural light into space, enhancing the colors and textures of the cabinets and walls. Considering the amount of natural light in your kitchen can help you make a more informed decision about the best wall color to match your dark cabinets.

Additionally, take into account the artificial lighting in your kitchen, such as ambient, task, and accent lighting. These different types of light can affect how the colors appear in your space, so ensure the chosen wall color complements the dark tones of the cabinets under various lighting conditions.

Matching Countertops and Backsplash

Besides the wall color, coordinating the countertops and backsplash with your dark cabinets is crucial for creating a cohesive kitchen design. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Countertops: Light-colored countertops, such as white or light gray, can offer an appealing contrast with dark cabinets. Materials like quartz, granite, or marble can also provide interesting patterns and colors that complement the cabinet color.
  • Backsplash: To create a balanced look, opt for a backsplash that coordinates with both the cabinets and the countertop. Neutral colors, like beige or cream, can maintain a sophisticated vibe, while a richly-colored mosaic design can add a touch of drama.

By considering these factors and selecting the appropriate wall color, lighting, countertops, and backsplash, you can create a stunning and cohesive kitchen design that beautifully showcases your dark cabinets.

Choosing the Right Colors

When it comes to pairing wall colors with dark cabinets, there are several factors to consider. This section offers suggestions based on the following common approaches: complementary colors, neutrals, and bold accents.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those that sit opposite each other on the color wheel, providing a sense of balance and harmony in a room. For dark cabinets, consider these complementary wall colors:

  • White: a crisp, clean contrast to dark cabinetry
  • Beige: a warm and inviting choice that softens the room
  • Gold: an elegant and luxurious complement to dark wood or black cabinets


Neutral colors are timeless and versatile, making them a popular choice for many interior designers. They create a calm and serene atmosphere, making the dark cabinets the focal point of the room. Some popular neutral shades to consider are:

  • Gray: a modern and trendy choice that works well with various cabinet colors. Popular gray wall color samples with hex codes include:
    • Repose Gray – #D1CBC1
    • Stonington Gray – #CFC8C7
    • Dovetail Gray – #B8B4B3
  • Beige: a warm and classic option that pairs well with brown or black cabinets
  • Brown: a rich earthy color that adds depth and complements dark wood cabinets

Bold Accents

For those looking to make a statement, bold accent colors can create a striking contrast with dark cabinets. Use these daring hues as an accent wall or in smaller doses, such as in decor items or textiles. Consider the following bold color pairings:

  • Red: a dramatic and passionate choice that pairs well with dark brown or black cabinets
  • Blue: a cool and sophisticated option that complements both black and dark wood cabinets
  • Yellow: a vibrant and uplifting color that provides a cheerful contrast to dark cabinetry
  • Purple: an unexpected yet regal color that works well with black or very dark brown cabinets

When choosing the right color for your kitchen, take into account the size of the space, the amount of natural light, your personal preferences, and the overall design theme. No matter the cabinet color, the right wall color can create the perfect backdrop for a stunning and inviting kitchen.

Design Styles and Cabinet Color Choices

When deciding on wall colors for your kitchen with dark cabinets, it is essential to consider the design style you want to achieve. Different styles complement various wall colors and cabinet combinations. Below are some popular design styles and their respective color choices for a harmonious and stunning look.


A modern kitchen is characterized by its sleek and minimalist look. Interior designers often recommend contrast when choosing wall colors for modern kitchens with dark cabinets. One popular choice is gray, as it can create a sophisticated and timeless look. Below are some popular gray wall color samples:

  • Light Gray: #D3D3D3
  • Medium Gray: #808080
  • Dark Gray: #2f2f2f


Eclectic design is all about showcasing individuality and mixing various design elements. For dark cabinets in an eclectic kitchen, interior designers suggest incorporating bold and vibrant wall colors to make the space interesting and lively. Some possible color ideas include deep shades of green, blue, or even purple.


A rustic kitchen conjures up visions of warmth and coziness. Choosing a wall color that complements dark cabinets in a rustic style can be achieved by using earthy and muted tones. Some examples include taupe, beige, or warm shades of cream. These colors will help create the inviting atmosphere typical of rustic designs.


Inspired by the Mediterranean region, this design style emphasizes natural elements, textures, and bold colors. When choosing wall colors for dark cabinets in a Mediterranean kitchen, opt for warm and rich colors like burnt orange, ochre, or terracotta to evoke the feeling of sun-soaked landscapes.

Traditional Home

For a classic and timeless kitchen, the traditional home style focuses on comfort and elegance. Wall colors that pair well with dark cabinets in this design include softer and neutral tones such as cream, off-white or light gray. These options will give your kitchen a refined and polished appearance.

Popular Kitchen Wall Colors

Choosing the right wall color for a kitchen with dark cabinets can be challenging. Here are some popular combinations to help you out:

White and Dark Cabinets

White is a classic choice for walls in kitchens with dark cabinets, as it creates a clean and bright look. This color combination works well with both traditional and modern kitchen designs. Examples of popular white shades include:

  • Benjamin Moore – Simply White (OC-117)
  • Sherwin Williams – Pure White (SW 7005)

Black and Dark Cabinets

Black walls can create a bold and sophisticated look when paired with dark cabinets. This unique choice is perfect for modern kitchens, making them stand out. Examples of popular black shades include:

  • Benjamin Moore – Black (2132-10)
  • Sherwin Williams – Tricorn Black (SW 6258)

Gray and Dark Cabinets

Gray is a versatile color that can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere when combined with dark cabinets. There are a variety of gray shades to choose from, ranging from light to dark. Some popular gray wall color samples with their hex codes are:

Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter (#767171)Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray (#7C7B79)
Behr – Silver Drop (#BBBBBD)Farrow & Ball – Cornforth White (#8F8E89)

Blue and Dark Cabinets

Blue walls can add a touch of elegance and depth to a kitchen with dark cabinets. The versatile nature of blue allows for options ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Here are some examples of popular blue shades:

  • Benjamin Moore – Van Deusen Blue (HC-156)
  • Sherwin Williams – Indigo Batik (SW 7602)

Red and Dark Cabinets

Red walls can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a kitchen with dark cabinets. This bold choice adds character and energy to a space, making it perfect for homeowners who want to create an eye-catching room. Examples of popular red shades include:

  • Benjamin Moore – Caliente (AF-290)
  • Sherwin Williams – Red Bay (SW 6321)

Dark Cabinets with Different Types

When selecting kitchen wall colors with dark cabinets, it’s important to choose a shade that complements the tones of the cabinetry. Here, we explore various color options for working with different types of dark cabinets, including cherry and navy blue, as well as hardwood floors.

Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets offer a rich and warm look to any kitchen. When paired with wall colors, consider a soft beige or light gray to enhance the natural beauty of the cherry wood. A popular choice is the subtle gray tone, for which the hex code is #D3D3D3. This complements the red undertones of cherry cabinets and offers a balanced and sophisticated appearance.

Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy blue cabinets are a bold and stylish option. To create a harmonious space, use a neutral, lighter wall color to contrast with the deep tones of the cabinets. For this combination, a soft, pale gray with a hex code of #E8E8E8 works well. This color prevents the cabinets from overpowering the space while maintaining a chic and modern look.

Hardwood Floors and Dark Cabinets

When dealing with hardwood floors, it’s essential to choose a wall color that highlights the beauty of the flooring material. With dark cabinets and hardwood floors, opting for a soft, muted wall color such as a gentle beige with a hex code of #F5F5DC will allow both elements to shine, creating an inviting and cohesive space.

In conclusion, selecting the right wall color for a kitchen with dark cabinets involves striking a balance between the cabinetry and surrounding elements. By considering the specific shade and undertones of your cabinets, as well as any accent colors, you can create a harmonious and stunning kitchen design.

Material and Appliance Considerations

When choosing the perfect kitchen wall color to complement dark cabinets, it’s essential to consider the materials and appliances present in the space. This will ensure a cohesive aesthetic and harmonious design. In this section, we will discuss how marble and granite countertops, as well as stainless steel appliances, can interact with wall colors.

Marble and Granite Countertops

Marble and granite countertops are popular choices for their elegance and durability. They often feature unique patterns and veining, which can impact the overall color palette of your kitchen. To create a balanced look with dark cabinets and light-colored countertops, consider choosing a gray wall color with subtle undertones that complement the stone.

For instance, if your marble countertop has hints of green, opt for a gray-green shade on the walls. Below are some popular gray wall color samples with their hex codes:

  • Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams) – #7C7A78
  • Edgecomb Gray (Benjamin Moore) – #E9E3DB
  • Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams) – #D3CEC4

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are a common choice for modern kitchens, providing a sleek appearance and easy maintenance. To prevent these appliances from blending into dark cabinets, it’s crucial to carefully select your wall color. Light and cool-toned wall colors create a nice contrast and help to highlight your appliances.

When pairing kitchen wall colors with stainless steel appliances, consider using a cool-toned gray or blue to create harmony in the space. Here are some popular wall color options with their hex codes:

  • Stonington Gray (Benjamin Moore) – #8F959C
  • Iceberg (Sherwin-Williams) – #DFF0FF

Adding Accents and Finishing Touches

Accent Colors and Pieces

When working with dark cabinets, adding accent colors can help offset the stronger tones and introduce some variety to the kitchen. Interior designers suggest considering the color palette of the entire space, including the wall color, countertops, and flooring. Some popular gray wall color samples with corresponding hex codes are:

  • Light Gray: #D3D3D3
  • Medium Gray: #A9A9A9
  • Dark Gray: #696969

With a well-chosen color palette, accent pieces can create a harmonious aesthetic in the kitchen. Consider incorporating decorative elements such as vases, artwork, or small appliances in complementary colors to add visual interest.

Light Fixtures

Proper lighting is essential for creating a welcoming ambiance in any space, including the kitchen. With dark cabinets, choosing the right light fixtures can make a significant difference in enhancing the overall appearance of the room. Pendant lights and chandeliers in metallic finishes, such as copper, bronze, or brass, can add some warmth and refinement to the area. Additionally, under-cabinet lighting is a practical and stylish way to illuminate the countertops and showcase the rich tones of the cabinetry.

Wood Beams

For those looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their kitchen with dark cabinets, consider incorporating wood beams as part of the design. Reclaimed wood beams can provide a striking contrast against the dark cabinetry, creating a cozy atmosphere. It’s essential to select beams that coordinate with other wooden elements in the space, such as the flooring or furniture, to ensure continuity in the design.

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