Lennox Heat Pump Review 2021

As a leading brand, Lennox is a great heat pump choice. Lennox produces an outstanding lineup of ten residential air-source heat pump models that are precise, quiet, efficient, and affordable. For a detailed breakdown of Lennox’s 2021 heat pump lineup, continue reading our detailed review and price guide.

About Lennox

Lennox was started in 1895 in Iowa by Dave Lennox. He partnered with inventors Ernest Bryant and Ezra William Smith to develop a design for a residential furnace.

From there, the company grew into developing all kinds of HVAC equipment, including heat pumps.

Throughout its 125+ year history, Lennox has developed numerous technological advancements to meet all of the homeowners’ heating and cooling needs today.

Lennox is well known for the reliability of all of its HVAC equipment, including its heat pumps.

Lennox  residential heat pumps in the United States  reason  is due not only to its long history but their high-ranking quality, reliability, and customer service.

Pro and Cons of Lennox’s Heat Pumps

Lennox has an excellent reputation as an HVAC system manufacturer, and they strive to keep it that, but they still have some downsides.

The point is, not all brands and products are 100% perfect,  with their excellent reputation and positive feedback.

Here are the main pros and cons of Lennox’s heat pumps.

Pro: Affordability

The prices of Lennox’s heat pumps vary by specific model, but overall they are more affordable than other top brands like Trane, Carrier, Bryant, etc.

When you are doing price comparisons yourself, always be sure to make an apples-to-apples comparison. In other words, don’t compare a high-efficiency Lennox heat pump to a low-efficiency unit from a competitor.


Note: It is worth noting that depending on your location and what brands your local HVAC dealers represent, Lennox might have a higher price than some competitors. This is especially true if the dealer only represents Trane and not Lennox, for example.

Pro: Energy Efficiency – SEER and HSPF Ratings

All heat pumps have two efficiencies ratings– HSPF for heating mode and SEER for cooling mode. Higher SEER and HSPF mean the unit has better efficiency and uses less energy to heat and cool your home.

Compared to other leading brands, Lennox has the highest available SEER rating (24 SEER) of any heat pump on the market with its XP25 Signature Series heat pump. Here’s how Lennox compares to other heat pump brands:

Efficiency RatingLowest SEERHighest SEERLowest HSPFHighest HSPF

With that being said, Lennox has lower efficiencies available, too, for a lower upfront cost.

Con: Maintenance and Parts Availability

Lennox’s supply chain and parts availability could use some work.

Lennox’s heat pumps have industry-leading quality and longevity. Their equipment rarely has any issues. However, no matter how good their quality is, the fact is all heat pumps (including Lennox) will require some sort of repair in their lifetime (just like your car needs a repair every once in a while). In fact, the average length before a Lennox heat pump requires a repair is around seven years.

Unfortunately, Lennox’s parts availability is subpar compared to other major brands, like Trane. This means you may be waiting multiple days to over a week to get a replacement part for your repair, especially for those living in remote areas. Additionally, Lennox’s replacement parts tend to run more expensive on average too.

Con: Average Warranty

Don’t get us wrong, Lennox has a good warranty for their heat pumps. However, there are other manufacturers with better and longer warranties.

Here are the basics of Lennox’s heat pump warranty:

  • Registration period– not required
  • Parts warranty– 5 or 10 years, depending on the model
  • Covered components– All parts, including the compressor
  • Transferable– Fully transferable for an extra cost

Lennox generally has a lower upfront cost, so in the end, the shorter warranty might be worth the upfront cost savings.


Note: One advantage that Lennox has with its warranty is that there is no registration period. For example, some other manufacturers require you to register for the warranty within 60 or 90 days even to get the warranty.

Lennox Product Line Analysis

Lennox has ten heat pumps available for homeowners. The models are differentiated between their Merit, Elite, and Signature series.

The Merit series comprises Lennox’s lowest-tier models with the least efficiency. The models in this series have the lowest upfront costs, but they have the highest energy costs because of their lower efficiency. All Merit models have a single-stage compressor.

The Elite series contains Lennox’s mid-tier heat pump models. Two Elite models have a single-stage compressor, and two have a variable-speed compressor.

Lennox’s top-of-the-line series, the Signature series, has the best efficiency of all Lennox heat pumps. They all have variable-speed compressors and have the highest upfront costs (but the lowest energy costs).

Lennox Heat Pumps Compared

Here is how all ten of Lennox’s heat pumps compare:

SeriesLennox Model NameSEERHSPFCompressorSound LevelWarranty
Signature® CollectionSL25XPV2411.8variable-speed58 dB10-Year Limited
Signature® CollectionXP2523.510.2variable-speed58 dB10-Year Limited
Signature® CollectionXP2119.29.7variable-speed67 dB10-Year Limited
Elite® SeriesXP202010variable-speed65 dB10-Year Limited
Elite® SeriesEL18XPV1810variable-speed73 dB10-Year Limited
Elite® SeriesEL16XP1179.8single-stage71 dB10-Year Limited
Elite® SeriesEL15XP1169single-stage71 dB10-Year Limited
Merit® Series16HPX179.5variable-speed74 dB5-Year Limited
Merit® SeriesML16XP1179.8single-stage76 dB5-Year Limited
Merit® SeriesML14XP1169single-stage76 dB5-Year Limited

As you can see, Lennox has a comprehensive offering of heat pumps with options for all types of homeowners.

SEER and HSPF Explained

Lennox’s heat pumps have efficiency ratings ranging from 16 to 24 SEER and 9 to 11.8 HSPF. Higher numbers for both SEER and HSPF meant better efficiencies, more energy savings, and lower energy bills.

It is worth noting that the U.S. DOE (Department of Energy) mandates minimum HSPF and SEER ratings for new heat pumps. The minimum HSPF is 8.2 nationwide, while the minimum SEER rating is 14 for the Southern U.S. and 13 for the rest of the country.

The most common SEER and HSPF ratings are 14 to 16 SEER and 8.2 to 9.5 HSPF because of their generally lower upfront costs.

Different Types of Compressors

Lennox offers single-stage and variable speed compressors on their heat pumps. A single-stage compressor has just two settings– on and off. When it’s on, it runs at 100% capacity.

Heat pumps with single-stage compressors tend to overshoot your thermostat’s temperature set point and might leave cold spots or hot spots in some rooms of your home.

On the flip side, variable-speed compressors can run at any capacity between 30% to 100% capacity at 1% increments. As such, they provide the best home comfort with the most steady temperature throughout every room of your home.

Two-stage compressors, which Lennox currently doesn’t use in their heat pumps, are common in the marketplace. It provide two “on” settings– 40% on and 100%. They have a middle ground in efficiency and upfront costs compared to their single-stage and variable-speed heat pump counterparts.

Lennox Newest Heat Pump Model: SL25XPV

Lennox Signature SL25XPV Heat Pump

Lennox SL25XPV

Lennox’s Signature Series SL25XPV heat pump is Lennox’s newest model and has their highest efficiency yet, at 24 SEER and 11.8 HSPF. As such, it has the lowest monthly heating and cooling costs in Lennox’s offering.

This model is brand new in October 2021 and can save homeowners up to 58% in cooling savings (assuming they are upgrading from an old 10 SEER unit).  It is ENERGY STAR Qualified and made ENERGY STAR’s 2021 list of most efficient heat pumps.

The unit also features Lennox’s TruHeat Performance, a proprietary technology that provides more heat than traditional heat pumps. The heat it provides is on par with gas furnaces, even during frigid weather.

Lennox Heat Pump Cost by Model

The price of Lennox’s heat pumps varies depending on your geographic area and your local region. Use the table below as a guideline of how much the price of each model compares.

Model Name (with Code)SEERHSPFPrice Range


With ten models of heat pumps, it can be challenging to determine which Lennox heat pump is suitable for your home. The analysis we provide above should equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. As a homeowner, you have to determine which is most important to you:

  • Lowest upfront cost with decent energy efficiency

Consider the models in the Merit® Series

  • A mix of affordable upfront cost with better energy efficiency

A model in the Elite® Series could be best for you

  • Best energy efficiency, lowest energy costs, but the highest upfront cost

Consider any model in the Signature® Collection

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