4 Types of Ductwork For Central Air Conditioner

Ductwork is a network through which heated or cooled air is circulated in your home or building. Supply ducts carry treated air, which means it has been heated or air conditioned, to air vents. Return ducts bring untreated air to the air handler or furnace to be heated or cooled again. You have multiple options … Read more

How Much Does Air Conditioners Cost To Run? (With Calculator)

How much electricity does a room AC use? And how much does it cost to run a room AC? The average window or portable AC costs about 46 cents per hour ($0.46/hour) to run based on using about 3.5 kilowatts/hour. However, window air conditioner size and the cost of electricity are both important factors. A … Read more

Trane Heat Pump Review 2021

Buyers who are seeking a new heat pump for their home can choose from an abundance of options. With the many brands and models on the market, homeowners have the advantage of being able to find the best system for their homes. Since navigating the hundreds of options can be a challenge, narrowing down to … Read more

Mold in Air Ducts: Removal and Prevention in Residential Homes

Every year, millions of homeowners are plagued by respiratory systems ranging from mild to severe. Pollen and poor air quality can affect you outdoors, but your HVAC system can cause problems inside your home. That’s often due to mold, which can grow in a variety of locations under the right conditions, including air ducts. In … Read more

10 Popular Heating System Types (Prices, Best For and Pros & Cons)

Nearly every home in the US has some sort of central heating – even homeowners in Florida and Arizona like a little heat at some point during most winters. What is the best heating system? What do heating systems cost? What are the best brands? What’s right for my climate? This guide to heating systems … Read more

11+ 4 Air Conditioner Types (Price Ranges, Best For, Pros & Cons)

Hot rooms and houses in summer need air conditioning to cool the air and remove excess humidity. What is the best kind of air conditioner? There’s a long list of best air conditioners, and it depends on your specific needs. This is a complete guide to central AC, room or zone AC and personal AC … Read more

Can I Put Furniture Over Air Vent?

Seasons change – and you might be ready for a change to the way your furniture is arranged. Everyone gets tired of a room configuration at some point.  A question arises as you plan your new room layout: Can I put furniture over air vents in the floor? You can cover a floor vent, but you shouldn’t put furniture … Read more