Trane Heat Pump Prices Guide 2021

Trane heat pumps consist of multiple models, each featuring slightly different characteristics to accommodate the needs of different budgets, energy efficiencies, home sizes, and climates. 

Trane heat pump is a great option, if you are searching for more information about Trane, check our Trane Heat Pump Review to learn more.

This article will provide you with a price guide for Trane heat pumps to help you make your final decision on Trane heat pump models.

Trane vs. Carrier vs. Lennox

Lennox, Trane, and Carrier are three of the leading heat pump brands. Trane and Carrier units are in the same price range but are around 4 to 5% more expensive than Lennox units (based on our experience in HVAC, this may vary depending on your locality). 

While Carrier and Lennox are tied as industry leaders in energy efficiency, Trane products aren’t far behind. 

The warranties are comparable among the three, each offering relatively standard heat pump warranties of 10 years on parts. 

Carrier replacement parts are typically widely available, while Trane replacement parts can be expensive, and Lennox parts can be tough to find. 

How Much Does A Trane Heat Pump Cost?

On average, Trane’s heat pumps cost between $2,700 to $5,100 before installation. 

However, the amount you should expect to pay for a heat pump is dependent on several factors. First, you’ll need to calculate the heat pump size that you need to heat and cool your home correctly. 

The company you choose to purchase the unit from, your location, and any accessories you add on may also affect the final cost of your Trane heat pump. 

The installation itself, should you choose to go the professional route (which we highly recommend), fluctuates based on several factors as well. 

For example, the construction and age of your home, the condition of pre-existing ductwork, and the difficulty of the project may drive up your overall price even more. 

Trane Heat Pump Prices by Model

Trane heat pump costs fluctuate based on the size, accessories, and efficiency. If you choose to have a professional install the unit, the price rises, which is typically the best course of action to achieve optimal efficiency during operation (and to make sure you don’t break it). 

The chart listed below is based on a Trane heat pump model that includes a 3.5-ton unit, a programmable heat pump thermostat, and a 1,200 to 1,500 CFM air handler. 

Trane Heat Pump Price Chart 

Trane Heat Pump ModelUnit Price OnlyInstalled Cost
XV20i$5,082 $10,000 to $14,000
XV19 Low$4,536 $9,500 to $13,000
XV18$4,179 $9,500 to $12,800
XL18i$3,675 $9,200 to $12,800
XR17$3,560 $8,400 to $11,600
XL16i$3,255 $7,600 to $10,800
XR16$3,087 $6,800 to $9,600
XR16$3,087 $6,800 to $9,600
XR15$3,066 $6,400 to $8,600
XR14$2,699 $5,800 to $8,000

Note: All pricing is national averages.

What Size of Trane Heat Pump Do I Need?

The size of your home and your local climate will determine what size of heat pump you need for your home. The rule of thumb is that you need about 30 BTU of heating output per square foot of living space. 

So, simply calculate the necessary amount of heating output you need for your home by multiplying 30 by the square footage of living space in your home. 

For example, if you have 2,000 square feet of living space, you’d need a 60,000 BTU (5-ton) heat pump. 

Additionally, your climate plays a significant role in the size of the heat pump you need. Hot climates demand high SEER ratings, while cool temperatures require high HSPF ratings. 

Homes in moderate climates perform just fine with heat pumps that have moderate SEER and HSPF ratings. 

Trane Heat Pump Prices by Sizing

Although the chart above gives a general idea of Trane heat pump costs, it only addresses a single heat pump size.  The majority of Trane’s heat pump models are available in various sizes, each designed to serve smaller and larger homes.

If you have a specific Trane heat pump model in mind, you can seek that model out from your local HVAC dealer, verifying that they have the necessary size in your preferred model. 

Otherwise, if you aren’t particular to any specific model but know what heat pump size you need, compare and contrast. Each model has different efficiency ratings, price ranges, and features. 

For example, consider the Trane XR15 heat pump price. 

If you choose to purchase a 1.5-ton model, typically suitable for smaller homes, the system cost is about $2,800 and $7,040 with installation. 

On the other hand, if you need a larger heat pump, such as a 5-ton model, the cost is considerably more, at about $4,220 for the system itself and $10,890 with installation. 

How much does a 4 ton Trane heat pump cost? 

If your home needs a four-ton heat pump, Trane has several models that will suit your needs. On average, their four-ton units cost around $3,700 for the unit itself and about $9,300 with system installation. 

Again, these costs are dependent on the model you choose, among other things. The Trane XR16 heat pump price would be considerably different than the XV20i in the same tonnage. 

This is because the XV20i is Trane’s most efficient heat pump model, with ratings of up to 20 SEER and 10 HSPF, while the XR16 has ratings of up to 17 SEER and 9.6 HSPF.  

See the below table for the average Trane heat pump cost based on size. 

Trane Heat Pump SizeUnit Price OnlyInstalled Cost
1.5 ton$2,800 $7,000
2 ton$3,100 $7,500
2.5 ton$3,400 $8,200
3 ton$3,800 $8,800
4 ton$4,200 $9,750
5 ton$4,500 $11,000

Trane Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioner And Furnace Prices

Trane’s heat pumps and air conditioning units are comparable in price. The average starting cost of an entry-level heat pump and replacement installation is around $5,800, which is the same as their air conditioning unit with installation. 

As the model’s efficiency capabilities go up, the price for both air conditioning units and heat pumps rise. The same applies to Trane’s gas furnace prices: the cost increases as the efficiency ratings rise. 

Trane’s gas furnace prices tend to be lower than their air conditioning units and heat pump prices. On average, the cost of Trane’s entry-level furnace with replacement installation starts at $3,400. 

While the price range for air conditioning units and heat pump installations surpasses $13,000 with specific models, their furnace installation quotes top out at around $9,500. 

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