York AC Units Review 2022

If you’re searching for a new AC system, you might consider a York AC unit since they are a leading brand. They are certainly not a bad choice and are a well-known brand that produces quality products. 

This review examines York AC units to help you determine which of these units is the right fit for your home, so continue reading to learn more!

Who Makes York Air Conditioners

Since its early inception in 1874, York has remained an industry leader. In 1914, York’s revolutionary “air washing” system, an early form of the modern air conditioner, was put on the market. 

Who makes York AC units? In 2006, the company became part of Johnson Controls, a massive residential and HVAC manufacturer. This company also owns Luxaire and Coleman, making the three sister companies. 

Where are York AC units made? All York AC units are designed, engineered, and built in the United States at one of two locations: Kansas and Oklahoma. 

Is York A Good Air Conditioner

Many HVAC professionals and homeowners alike consider York HVAC systems one of the best AC unit brands. 

York manufactures units that offer excellent efficiency ratings at a value price. Their AC units operate quietly and have highly efficient compressors.

Additionally, these units have great energy and comfort management options. They are excellent at effectively dehumidifying the air, leaving your home cool and comfortable. 

While these units are slightly less expensive than some of the industry’s leading brands, they offer comparable features, usually on par with the major competitors. 

York AC Age and Warranty

If you’ve had your York AC unit for a while or something malfunctions in the unit, you may be questioning the age and warranty of your model. 

Age: How Old Is My York AC Unit?

To determine the age of your York AC unit, locate the serial number on the data plate. The serial number consists of a sequence of letters and numbers. 

The first and second numbers in the sequence represent the last two digits of the manufacturing year. For example, your serial number may look like this: W0G7502879. This unit was manufactured in 2007.

York Air Conditioner Warranty

York offers excellent warranties, but homeowners must register their unit within 90 days to receive the full extent of it. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to a shorter time frame. 

If you need information on your York AC unit’s warranty, use the York AC model number lookup on York’s website. 

All of York’s AC units come with a 10-year limited parts warranty. If you have specific questions about your warranty, contact York AC tech support for assistance. 

York Air Conditioner Models

While many leading brands divide their lineups into three tiers, York splits its AC lineup into two levels: the Affinity Series and the LX Series

The Affinity lineup consists of York’s high-end models. They boast the highest SEER ratings of the lineup and are outfitted with numerous bells and whistles. Its YXV model earned the title as an Energy Star Most Efficient Air Conditioner unit in 2020 and 2021. 

On top of that, it offers incredibly low operating sound levels as low as 53 decibels. The high-end models boast various additions, such as Affinity touch-screen thermostat control via WiFi.

The second tier, the LX Series, consists of several different units. This series encompasses various single-stage and two-stage models. While these models don’t boast as high SEER ratings as the Affinity models, they still offer decent ratings of up to 17 SEER.

York Air Conditioner Model NumbersSEERCompressorSound LevelSize Range(Tonnage)Cost

SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is the AC unit’s energy efficiency over the entire cooling season. Higher SEER ratings, such as 21 SEER for model YXV, has a better efficiency and lower energy costs but a higher upfront cost. 

Single-stage compressors on six of the models above provide a simple on/off function, while a two-stage compressor on model YXT provides two cooling levels (like a high and low setting). 

Two-stage provide more even cooling in the home, while variable-speed compressors offer the best comfort. 

What Size York Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Generally, you need about 20 BTU of cooling output per square foot of living space. To determine the square footage of each room, multiply the length by the width. 

Then, once you figure out the total square footage, multiply your number by 20. Divide your answer by 12,000 since one ton of air conditioning is equivalent to 12,000 BTU. 

The answer you get is the size of air conditioner you’ll need. The chart below expresses various room sizes and the necessary AC unit tonnage for that particular space. 

York AC Unit TonnageConvert to BTURoom Size (sq ft)Suitable York Model Numbers
1.5 ton18,000 BTU900 sq ftYCG,YCS,TCHD,YCE,YCD
2 ton24,000 BTU1,200 sq ftALL York Products
2.5 ton30,000 BTU1,500 sq ftALL York Products
3 ton36,000 BTU1,800 sq ftALL York Products
3.5 ton42,000 BTU2,100 sq ftALL York Products
4 ton48,000 BTU2,400 sq ftALL York Products
5 ton60,000 BTU3,000 sq ftExcept for TCHE

This sheet hits all common home sizes, but if your home is differently sized, follow the above equation to determine the appropriate AC unit size. 

How To Determine Tonnage Of York AC Unit

What size is my York central air conditioner? You can quickly determine the size of your York HVAC unit using the model number, which is located on the data sticker on the side of the condenser (outdoor unit).

Once you find the model number, look for the first two numbers in the sequence. The number is divisible by six or twelve and represents the nominal BTU of the unit in thousands. 

Since one ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, divide the number by 12. For example, if the model number was YRE36A1DS: 

36/12 = 3

Therefore, this is a 3-ton unit. 

York Air Conditioner Prices

York air conditioner pricing follows the same concept as most other AC companies: as the efficiency ratings and sizing rise, so does the cost. 

How much is a York air conditioner? The price of your York AC system is dependent on the model, size, and efficiency ratings. Additionally, if you choose to purchase the system only, the cost is considerably less than adding installation, which we recommend. 

Professional installation is the best way to go, as the technician has the tools and skill set necessary to install your new central air conditioner properly. 

The charts below outline costs based on models and sizing. While neither chart encompasses every possible size and model combination, they are excellent references. 

Both charts are based on a mid-range York model: a 3-ton unit (models chart) and a 16 SEER single-stage unit (tonnage chart). 

York Air Conditioner Prices by Models Sheet

York AC Model NumbersSEERProduct OnlyInstalled Cost
TCHD / TCHE / YCE16$5,630$7,710

The prices are based on 3-ton products.

York Air Conditioner Prices by Tonnages Sheet

York AC UnitProduct OnlyTotal cost
1.5 ton$2,780$3,690
2 ton$3,260$4,370
2.5 ton$3,780$5,100
3 ton$4,320$5,880
3.5 ton$4,460$6,080
4 ton$4,560$6,220
5 ton$4,670$6,370

The prices are based on 16 SEER single-stage products.

Generally, you can expect the cost to decrease from the quoted prices if you purchase a smaller or less efficient unit. On the other hand, costs typically increase for the higher efficiency or larger units. 

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